ASP Golgi-Redaelli

ASP Golgi-Redaelli was established in October 2003 following the merger of 3 pre-existing Organizations run by the Amministrazione delle Ipab, ex Eca di Milano (administration of Ipabs, former Eca of Milan): the Luoghi Pii Elemosinieri (almoners’ charity houses), the Redaelli geriatric Institute with its two structures in Milan and Vimodrone and the Golgi geriatric Institute in Abbiategrasso, all inheritors of institutions that have provided care in the Province of Milan for more than seven centuries. ASP Golgi-Redaelli is a public body, a classification that has profoundly characterized and guided its institutional activity, which is aimed at benefitting society’s less fortunate. It has full statutory, regulatory, patrimonial, accounting and management independence and has always used its own resources to finance its institutional objectives, which are, as the statute states, … ‘to attend to: the healthcare needs, in the widest acceptation of the term, of the elderly […]; study and research, including epidemiological, clinical and social […]; the preservation, promotion and dissemination of the institution’s heritage that may be of historical, artistic and cultural interest’.

ASP Golgi-Redaelli operates in an area that covers 3 local Lombard health trusts. Its primary concern is that of providing support and care, especially to the elderly, which it does through several specialized structures:
– Healthcare Residences (Residenze Sanitarie Assistenziali), with Alzheimer’s Units, and over 700 beds for elderly people suffering from chronic incapacitating illnesses;
– Short-stay Healthcare Structures (Strutture di Cure Intermedie) with over 620 beds for individuals who require rehabilitation therapy during periods of convalescence, which are limited to the care plan;
– Hospices for the terminally ill and for individuals in a permanent vegetative state (approximately 40 beds);
– Day Hospital, Rehabilitation Day Clinic and Day Centre services (with over 150 individuals who receive care daily);
– Integrated Home Care and Specialized Outpatient Medical Care in various branches of medicine provided by highly trained staff, for children and adolescents as well as the elderly.

ASP Golgi-Redaelli promotes its statutory activities in close connection with public bodies operating locally. It does so within a context of cooperation, responsibility-sharing in decision-making on courses of action and transparency for the enhancement of fair access to services. It pursues this task by promoting the active participation of individuals, voluntary organizations and associations for the protection of rights in its services, that is, Guests’ Relatives Committees, Voluntary Associations and so forth.
Over 1500 people, both staff and collaborators, work for ASP Golgi-Redaelli and are the fundamental and extraordinary resource of the Organization, which tends to offer an organizational context that can suitably recognize, utilize, reward and commend respective skills and potential.