Cultural heritage

The archive of the Luoghi Pii Elemosinieri, or almoners’ charity houses, is a vast and articulated documentary complex, the result of over seven centuries of activity that is still ongoing.

The artistic heritage of ASP Golgi-Redaelli consists of over one hundred paintings, sculptures and pieces of art that were mainly commissioned over the centuries by the Luoghi Pii Elemosinieri, or almoners’ charity houses, and other associations that from the eighteenth century onwards succeeded them, namely the Amministrazione e la Direzione dei Luoghi Pii Elemosinieri, the Congregazione di Carità, and Eca (the administration and management of almoners’ charity houses, the congregation of charity and the city council welfare board).

The Luoghi Pii Elemosinieri or ‘almoners’ charity houses’ photo library consists of a 5000-piece collection that contains loose photographs, photo albums, plates, stereotypes, negatives, slides and colour photographs that stretch across time from the late eighteenth century to the present day.