1 – Farms and abbeys

Viboldone – Cantalupo – Zunico – returning via Chiaravalle

Car route

The first route that takes in ASP Golgi-Redaelli properties is a visit to the Cantalupo and Zunico farmsteads. The starting point is Viboldone Abbey, one of the main medieval monastery complexes in Lombardy, which can be easily reached from Milan by car. From the abbey, continue in a south-western direction until you come to the Cantalupo farmstead in the district of San Giuliano Milanese. An old Casa Vismara estate, Cantalupo was bought by the Organisation in 1830. You can visit its S. Lorenzo or St Lawrence oratory and the small museum of agricultural tools organised by its present tenant, hire bicycles for short rides in the surrounding countryside, and taste and purchase some of the farm’s produce.

From Cantalupo, the route continues past the Vidiserto farmstead, it too belonging to the Organisation. Continue southwards until you come to the Zunico properties with their S. Ambrogio or St Ambrose oratory, which were passed on by the Consorzio della Misericordia (Mercy group).

A short distance from Zunico, the Nesporedo farmstead can be made out, it too having been part of the Misericordia charity house estate, which boasted vast properties in this area.

From Zunico, take the road back until you come to the well-known Cistercian Abbey in Chiaravalle, founded in the twelfth century by St Bernard as an emanation of Citeaux Abbey. Thanks to the monks’ steadfast work, the abbey became the driving force behind the transformation of the agricultural landscape on the Milanese plains.

From Chiaravalle, where the route ends, you can take the road back to Milan.

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