2 – A thousand years of history: Campomorto and Bonate

Milan - Viboldone - Carpiano - Campomorto - Bonate

Car route

This short route takes you to the exemplary Bonate farmstead, which at one time was part of the latifundium connected to Campomorto Abbey and which today belongs to ASP Golgi-Redaelli.

Starting from Milan and driving along Via Ripamonti until the city is behind you, within a short space of time you come to Viboldone Abbey where you can stop and visit the abbey. From here, drive south towards Carpiano, where you can find the old ‘Castello’, or Castle farmstead, which belongs to the Organisation.

Proceed along the SP 40 road until you reach the former Abbey of S. Maria di Campomorto, once under the patronage of the Milanese Mantegazza family and which has frescoes dating back to the end of the fourteenth century painted by Giovannino de’ Grassi. From here, continue along the road until you come to the Bonate farmstead in the district of Siziano, where a guided tour of the farm can be arranged with the tenants.

Staying within the Siziano district, a short distance away you come to the Soldati farmstead, which the Organisation still owns. In Siziano, every second Sunday of the month, you can find local produce at the lively market in the square.

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